India Part 3: Hampi

Patience Jewellery Travel Log Part 3 (3)

After 4 blissful days in Goa, It was time to take a deep breath and dive back into the real world so we caught a train and headed east to a place called Hampi.

The ancient capital of the Vijayanagara Empire; Hampi is a world heritage site about 6 hours East of Goa. Ancient ruins lay scattered over a fascinating landscape of giant boulders and crumbling mountains offset by an oasis of lush green palm trees and paddy fields. There’s an extraordinary feeling of peace to this place – an eerie calm with whispers of an ancient empire in the wind. Continue reading

Edinburgh: Brew Lab | Artisan Coffee Bar

“We’re about exploring the possibilities of coffee and what a coffee shop should be – melding traditional and innovative brewing techniques and local artisan produce to create a new coffee shop experience.”

If you love coffee, you’ll love Brew Lab. Tucked away off Edinburgh’s Nicholson Street this deceivingly large coffee bar is often buzzing with students, designers, coffee nuts and artists getting a fix of some of the finest Coffee in town. It hosts some of Creative Edinburgh’s regular meet ups and it’s nearly impossible not to sample the locally sourced artisan produce on offer. Continue reading

An Interview with Sian Pascale from Young Citizens

Sian Pascale portrait

The work of Melbourne-born Architect and Interior Designer Sian Pascale first caught our attention during our stay in Mumbai, where we were immersed in her vision of Mumbai’s first boutique hotel; Abode Bombay. In 2013 Sian founded Young Citizens, a multidisciplinary design studio based on yoga and yogic principles. An avid yoga practitioner, Sian also completed her yoga teacher training this year, considering yoga to be an integral part of her process in designing thoughtful, environmental products and spaces. Continue reading

India Part 1: Bombay/Mumbai

Patience Travel Log India (2)

The first part of our Travel Log – this is a snapshot of our time in this enchanting and incomparable country. Hopefully our experiences will help you plan a trip of your own or at least give you some tips and inspiration. Moira has always dreamt of visiting India. Here’s her take on the experience.

Since reading about Hinduism as a child, I have been mesmerised by India and charmed by the colour and energy of the romantic vision I withheld. I don’t quite know why it took me so long to eventually get there, but I am glad I waited. I fell in love with India, and although it wasn’t exactly what I had expected, it pulled me in and I let it carry me away.

Continue reading

Poached Egg & Avocado on Toast

Patience Food: Poached Eggs & Avocado 1

Breakfast is without a doubt, my favourite meal of the day. It should never be rushed and one cup of coffee is nearly always never enough. To wake up after a restful nights sleep, pop the radio on and slowly come to your senses to the smell of fresh coffee is one of the cosiest feelings in the world. If I was to choose my favourite Sunday morning dish, It would have to be poached fresh eggs and avocado on toast. Simple, but delicious.

This is a quick and easy breakfast to prepare. Basically just eggs and Avocado on toast. I chose sour dough, but you can use any kind of bread you like. You can flavour the bread by rubbing a fresh garlic clove over it and sprinkling with a little olive oil or just use a  healthy spread of good old fashioned butter.  There’s so many possibilities and you can choose your favorite. I love avocados, but they are very temperamental; you need to catch them when they’re just right and don’t forgot the salt and lemon juice! Continue reading