An Interview with Sian Pascale from Young Citizens

Sian Pascale portrait

The work of Melbourne-born Architect and Interior Designer Sian Pascale first caught our attention during our stay in Mumbai, where we were immersed in her vision of Mumbai’s first boutique hotel; Abode Bombay. In 2013 Sian founded Young Citizens, a multidisciplinary design studio based on yoga and yogic principles. An avid yoga practitioner, Sian also completed her yoga teacher training this year, considering yoga to be an integral part of her process in designing thoughtful, environmental products and spaces.


YOGA 101 – The Refuge Inside a communal table and hanging indoor plants create warm space for yogis to spend time in after class. Photo:

What would your ideal Sunday afternoon look like?
My last Sunday was amazing actually – pretty close to ideal! I woke up fresh after a nice sleep in and cuddles, then cooked up a big breakfast with farmers market eggs, herbs and rocket from my garden with some french press coffee. Then I babysat my beautiful 1 year old nephew Max, he is the most joyously happy soul and brings me so much energy! After that I went to a political protest, followed by Japanese food with a friend. THEN I went to the most beautiful concert which involved mindful meditation and Portughese fadho music in this gorgeous old mansion in Melbourne where I met so many really amazing people (and was catered for with great cheese and super healthy vegan desserts – yum). After that I had a long languid bath and listened to soul music, before heading to bed… I managed to fit in a lot but it all felt so relaxed.. I should try and do that every Sunday!

20th Century colonial and art deco hardwood and wicker furniture has been sourced from Bombay’s second hand markets and lovingly restored. Upholstery and seat cushions have been made by local Indian designers.  Photo by Prarthna Singh courtesy of Abode.

Abode Bombay – 20th Century colonial and art deco hardwood and wicker furniture has been sourced from Bombay’s second hand markets and lovingly restored. Upholstery and seat cushions have been made by local Indian designers. Photo by Prarthna Singh courtesy of Abode.

What is your fondest Memory?
One of my fondest memories is travelling around Ireland with my Dad (who was from Belfast) when I was 10. He passed away a few years ago so when I think back to this very special time I had with him I feel so grateful. I don’t think many girls get special one on one time with their Dad’s like that. We drove all around the country and I think we visited pretty much every castle and monument, as we both had this passion for history and stories. I remember it being so green and beautiful.

What inspires you and your work?
Travelling and local crafts are a big inspiration for me. Books and literature play a big role as well- I’m currently reading ‘In Praise of Shadows,’ an essay on Japanese aesthetics written by Junichiro Tanizaki in 1933, it’s really inspiring my ceramic and concrete work. The biggest influence on the way I work and the type of work I do though, is most definitely my yogic practises. They guides me in everything I now do.

What does ‘Patience’ mean to you?
I went to a Buddhist meditation class a few weeks back and they defined patience as an absence of anger – which really stuck with me, as it describes just how harming and negative impatience is, because it is really rooted in anger. I wouldn’t say I am naturally a very patient person, but thinking about this teaching when I feel impatience arising has really helped me.

The Art Loft

The Art Loft – Inside the cafe. Walls and floors were kept rustic earthy tones using troweller cement – known as Indian Patent Stone (IPS). Chairs and tables were designed by young Citizens, inspired by street food chaat stands and local crafts. Photo by Prarthna Singh.

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